Effective grinding, renovation & polishing of natural stone

The Excentr Method is a very effective method for the renovation, polishing and maintenance of stone. Every stone can be cleaned with it. Every calciferous stone can be renovated, polished and cleaned. Think of marble, Chinese bluestone, Belgian bluestone, terrazzo etc.


  • 4 times faster
  • Unique design
  • Ergonomic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Deep cleaning


  • 4 times faster
  • Unique design
  • Ergonomic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Deep cleaning


Renovating a natural stone floor is only possible when the stone is calcareous. To make sure that the surface to be renovated is calcareous, we always recommend that an acid test be carried out first in a place that is not conspicuous. Keep clean water and a dry microfibre cloth at hand. Then apply one drop of pure descaler (ph 1 or 2) out of sight. Does the product turn white? Then absorb immediately and rinse with clean water. When the product turns white, you can be sure that the surface is calcareous and can therefore be renovated and polished. If it does not turn white, you can only clean the surface with the Excentr Method.


The last step in the renovation process is polishing. The Excentr method can be used to give the surface either a medium-gloss finish or a high-gloss finish.


After renovation, the floor can be cleaned every day using the pad that was last used during the renovation process. If the Diamond Green pad was used for finishing, then this pad should also be used for the daily cleaning of the floor. The pads are also available as 17” pads for use under a floor scrubber/drier. It is not necessary to use a cleaning product.

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The technique of the future

Excentr is a young Dutch manufacturer of innovative cleaning machines. Since the start of 2015, we have been active worldwide and we have been telling professionals, mostly in the cleaning sector, of the “Excentr method”. We develop machines with the following spearheads: durability, robustness and effectiveness. That is why the machine parts are of the toughest quality. It is also why our machines are almost entirely made of stainless steel. We manufacture our machines with the greatest of care and are convinced of their reliability. All of our machines have a minimum 12-month warranty and they even have a LIFETIME warranty if under a service contract. Excentr produces the Excentr machines and accessories in Goes, Zeeland.

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Floor types

What type of floor do you want to clean, maintain or treat?

Ceramic Tiles

Non-slip and safety floors


Sports Floors

Rubber floors

Natural Stone

Concrete and coated concrete

Wooden floors

Linolium floors

Marmoleum floors


In which sector do you work?

Cleaning companies

Sports facilities
and swimming pools

Health care


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