The most effective way of floor cleaning and floor maintenance

The Excentr Method is connected to the revolutionary Excentr machines. It is a very effective way of floor cleaning and floor maintenance. Our machines are designed in such a way (a.o. rectangular) that the corners are also easily reached.

The pads make 2850 rounds of 7 mm per minute. This makes the mechanical operation unparalleled. In contrast to, for example, rotating single-disc machines, the pad always makes completely flat contact with the floor surface. As a result, these machines are very constant in their cleaning performance and also effortless to operate. It is particularly easy and relaxed to work with the Excentr machines. To guarantee fast and perfect results on almost every floor, the pressure on the pad is adjustable between 17 to 120 kg (depending on the type of machine and number of weights). There are many different pads and accessories to achieve maximum results on every floor.

Benefit 1: Four times faster

The Excentr Method is based on a different movement than traditional cleaning machines make. The mechanical movement that the machine makes is eccentric, to be precise. The Excentr Method is based on 2850 rpm in small circles of 7 mm.

2850 rpm means that the machines generate Excentr 15 times more movement than traditional cleaning machines. Because the mechanical effectiveness on the floor (surface) is much higher, results are achieved much faster. This ensures that generally 3 to 4 times faster work can be done! This makes the system very interesting, because serious time savings are made and the costs per m2 are significantly reduced!

Advantage 2: A unique design

The Excentr Method makes machine cleaning smarter! Round machines always have problems cleaning along skirting boards and in corners. This was one of our spearheads in the development of this method. We produce rectangular machines and a number of other machines with special shapes in order to always offer the right solutions for your challenges. Our rectangular machines clean up to the skirting board and in the corners. In both cases without space in between.

In addition, we have a very special solution for places that are difficult to reach;

the Excentr 30-50. The only cleaning machine in the world with a pointed shape! Ideal for cleaning under radiators, cleaning under hanging toilet bowls, but also for example in swimming pools or public transport. In these environments, everything is designed so that everything hangs free from the floor, and only a few feet make contact. With the pointed shape of the Excentr 30-50, you can get everywhere perfectly between and under!

Benefit 3: Ergonomic and user-friendly

In general, working with cleaning machines is experienced as strenuous work. Certainly the single-disc machines require a lot of effort to control them, admittedly, for some more than for others. Nevertheless, for both the beginner and the advanced user, there is a considerable profit to be made here! With the Excentr Method you work:

  • Relaxed in forearms, shoulders and back;
  • With a straight back, ergonomic posture;
  • Straight ahead (with the option to work straight backwards;
  • Without resistance on the wrists.

No training required

Another big advantage of the method for managers who work with a lot of changing personnel is that it Excentr does not require (machine) training. The machines are safe, simple and ergonomic to operate from the first minute. The simple concepts developed for cleaning, deep cleaning, stripping, polishing and renovation of floors are chemistry-free and based on one or a few steps (pads). This makes it very simple and responsible to put people with no or less experience to work! Finally, the method is recommended for people with physical disabilities because it puts minimal strain on the body.

Benefit 4: Environmentally friendly

A recurring and more important theme is the way in which one cleans or processes in relation to the impact it has on the environment. Not surprising when you consider how many litres of chemical/cleaning agent are flushed down the sewer every day worldwide.

We Excentr are not against the use of cleaning agents, but we are in favour of reducing them! Only use detergents when needed and the impact / reduction that can be made is huge. Those who work correctly with the Excentr Method reduce their consumption of cleaning agents by 95%! That's a big promise, but this is what we have been working on from day one! We develop systems that make the use of cleaning agents and chemistry unnecessary. To achieve this we add particles to the pads. Diamonds, aluminium oxide particles, pieces of (recycled and biodegradable) plastic, etc. This ensures, among other things:

  • Chemical consumption is reduced by 95%
  • Costs are reduced (no detergent required)
  • Risks are avoided (no damage due to misuse of chemicals, no risk of slipping, paint on skirting boards remains unaffected, no residue after cleaning, no overdose, no risk for the user).
  • Working in an environmentally friendly way

All our pads are Full Cycle® products and are certified by Green Seal™ for Environmental Innovation based on faster biodegradation in landfills and 100% recycled material/natural fibre. In many cases our pads are made from recycled PET bottles!

Benefit 5: Deep cleaning

Hard to clean joints? Or problems with cleaning structured floors? More and more floor manufacturers are moving from smooth floors to structured floors. Think of PVC floors with a wood look, etc. Beautiful, but a challenge for those responsible for cleaning and maintenance!

The Excentr Method is based on a short, small movement of 7 mm in a circle. This movement in combination with our specially developed Excentr Fiber Pad guarantees deep cleaning!

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The Excentr Method


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