Excentr Air 100

The Excentr Air 100 is an air purifier for surfaces up to 100 m2.

The machine is equipped with an innovative filter system - including a certified H13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, cold catalyst filter, UV-C sterilisation and purification with negative ions. Coarse contamination'' if dust particles are collected in the pre-filter, this can be easily removed from the machine without tools and periodically rinsed clean. The cold catalyst filter and active carbon filter absorb volatile organic compounds such as aldehyde and benzene and work against odours, dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, cigarette smoke and much more.

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How the Excentr Air 100 works:

The certified HEPA 13 filters and the antibacterial filter then eliminates 99.99% of all remaining (virus) contaminated aerosols, bacteria, pollen, allergens, particulate matter and many other harmful substances from the air.

All filters except the aluminium pre-filter are replaced every 6 months based on continuous use. The discharged air receives a charge of negatively charged ions. These ensure, among other things, that the body is able to absorb oxygen better, and produces less histamine. They reduce complaints of hay fever, asthma, respiratory allergies, headaches, fatigue. They increase concentration, improve the body's immune system and increase resistance to disease.

Clean Air for Every Space

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The Excentr Method

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